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P15.6 Mesh Curtain LED display for building
P15.6 Mesh Curtain LED display for building
P15.6 Mesh Curtain LED display for building
P15.6 Mesh Curtain LED display for building

P15.6 Mesh Curtain LED display for building

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Количество минимального заказа: 1 Set/Sets
Срок поставки: 30 дней

Базовая информация

    Модель: PMB-15.6O

    Цвет чипа трубки: Полноцветный

    Рейтинг IP: IP65

    Конфигурация пикселей: 1R, 1G, 1B

    Функция отображения: Видеодисплей

    Средняя потребляемая мощность: 180 Вт / м²

    Режим сканирования: Статическое сканирование

    Тип дисплея: Светодиодный видеодисплей

    заявка: реклама

    сертификация: CE, CCC, ETL

    Pixel Pitch: 15.625mm

    Size Of Pixel: DIP 346

    Module Size: 1000mmx23.8mm

    Density: 4096

    Cabinet Material: Aluminum

    Cabinet Size: 1000mmx500mm

    Cabinet Weight: 15kgs

    Brightness: 8500nits

    Refresh Rate: 1920HZ

Additional Info

    Подробности Упаковки: Wooden case

    производительность: 1500m2/month

    марка: Priva

    транспорт: Ocean,Land,Air

    Место происхождения: China

    Способность поставки: 20000m2/Year

    Сертификаты : ISO2004

    Код ТН ВЭД: 8528591090

    Порт: Shenzhen,Guangzhou

Описание продукта

Mesh Curtain LED display: LED Video Media Facades Integrated building lighting and media advertisement

In the modern city, Most buildings are looing for higher comercial values. An LED video media facade display is the right choice which would rightly blend with the aesthetics of a building and It is energy efficient and consume less energy.The led mesh video media facade display convey information that goes beyond the mere presence of a façade. They provide boundless scope for presenting brands, messages: text, images and animations which can be projected onto the controllable LED display wall pixels.

Outdoor Led mesh curtain led display is Such a technology, which amuses people and offers them leisure, fun and information. Led Video media facades integrated the function of building Lighting and facade advertisement. Concepts like this exploit the full potential of a society that lives at an increasingly fast pace. They enable companies, brands, and towns to communicate with their environment IN at night.

Among various methods used, an LED Stripes can be integrated, the LED technology is integrated into stripes and then into a cabinet frame to meet the exact customer requirements.

LED video media facade has a high demands on the durability of the material. Priva spent long time to design the products and considered all espects of application like product weight, cabinet size, installation and maintenance method, Outdoor environment.

Outdoor Grille Curtain& video media facade P15.625-01


140 degree of super-large viewing angle

Front and back maintenance

High IP grade

Low power consumption

Design of ultra-light cabinet

More firme cabinet

Low power consumption

Outdoor Grille Curtain& video media facadeP15.625-_02

Product Parameter

Outdoor Grille Curtain& video media facadeP15.625-_03

Outdoor Grille Curtain& video media facadeP15.625--04

Elegant appearance and simple installation are not enough. We also put it been fastened firmly with 4 screws.

Outdoor Grille Curtain& video media facadeP15.625-_05

Outdoor Grille Curtain& video media facadeP15.625-_06

Outdoor Grille Curtain& video media facadeP15.625-_07

An unique design of semi-light lamp and coupled with DIP, viewing angle of our products are expanded 20& contrast to the ordinary ones for 140 degree.

Outdoor Grille Curtain& video media facadeP15.625-_08

Outdoor Grille Curtain& video media facadeP15.625-_09

It`s more convenient for installation and maintenance and also can affect the speed of installation. Outdoor highlight display indicates that there are full of great performances: lower power consumption, high efficient heat dissipation, highlight and vivid appearance. Outdoor brightness can exceed 8500 cd/㎡.

Outdoor Grille Curtain& video media facadeP15.625--_10

Outdoor LED media facade& led curtain display P16- _10

Front maintenance design is not only convenient for customers ,but also for architects. And also save many costs.

Led outdoor video media facadepriva_10

Led outdoor video media facade-priva_08

Led strip curtain display-priva_11

No wire control can save more time for you.

Led strip curtain display-priva_12

Displays are applied for top of building , outdoor advertisment , led media facade etc.

Led strip curtain display-priva_13

Company view

Factory GZ

Office 1SMT production lineSMT line

Auto module assembly line

Группа Продуктов : Дисплей занавеса СИД > Напольный Дисплей занавеса СИД

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